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Turismo Carretera: Stock Cars Argentina by 2Pez Games
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Powered by the award winning rFactor racing engine and officially licensed by the ACTC
racing league of Argentina, Turismo Carretera brings exciting stock car racing action of South
America to life on your PC. Turismo Carretera features authentic cars, drivers, paint-schemes
and sponsors from the 2006 and 2008 racing seasons. Turismo Carretera includes proper flag
rules and accurately modeled race tracks using detailed GPS measurements. This is more than
a game, it's a serious simulator!

Gone are the big, boring ovals of the USA and the scenic, forested courses of Europe.
Argentinean courses are tough, unfamiliar and unforgiving. Race against some of South
America's best drivers in gritty fender to fender single-player road racing or test your skills
against other real drivers over the Internet with ultra-dependable multiplayer technology.
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MSRP: $29.99
You'll feel your tires slip as you cut the apex and your bumper crumple as you bang your way to the front. With real-world
aerodynamic calculations, advanced physics modeling and positional sound, Turismo Carretera literally puts you in the
driver's seat! Experience the realistic damage model when you loose your hood or blow a tire. And be careful not to flip or
get airborne - you may need an ambulance!

Even though Turismo Carretera is a challenging and intense racing simulation the difficulty settings can be adjusted to
match any racing style. 2Pez Games has created a fun, beautiful and immersive racing experience for your PC. Get in,
strap in and hit the gas!

- Gold Edition includes the 328MB Version 1.286 Performance and Content Patch.
- Over 60 beautifully rendered cars with accurate paint-schemes for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 ACTC racing seasons and  
fictional ACVRA series.
- 12 GPS accurate Argentinean road racing courses and 1 oval track.

- Career mode with entire ACTC season with circuit filters and grid editing.
- Define AI opponent types, strength and aggression. Races can be lap based, time based or both.
- Adjust your car setup in the garage.
- Configurable keys and advanced Joystick/Steering Wheel support including Force Feedback effects.
- Supports NaturalPoint's TrackIR technology for view control and added realism.

- Complex 15 degrees of freedom physics engine, advanced tire and suspension modeling.
- Engine boost modeling, real-world aerodynamics, head physics, cockpit vibrations, detailed surface bump modeling.
- Ambient atmosphere and track temperature changes throughout the race affecting car performance.

- Advanced Direct X 9 graphics engine with realistic lighting effects and shadows.
- Adjust player and opponent volume ratio.
- See the apex with the Look-Ahead slider. Adjust your seat and mirror while in the driver's seat.
- Updating real-time scoring towers. Realistic cockpit dials and indicators.
- Fast loading times.
- Positional sound engine. Engine sounds based on vehicle performance with realistic damage sounds.

- Full screen monitor and ability to rewind, Freely move camera from any position including the famous exclusive ISI
- Spectator mode and greatly enhanced replay system including clip splicing. Move, duplicate or delete replay clips while
assigning camera movements to each.
- Export replays to AVI files defining compression and size options.

Multiplayer with RaceCast
- Robust and dependable multiplayer engine!
- Built in race statistics
Now Available
Now Available
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